Unison Corporation is a manufacturer of a complete line of standard and custom-made grinding machines. Our product line features both manual and computer controlled CNC equipment. We are one of the leading designers & builders of high precision grinders and are recognized worldwide for our expertise in the field of grinding.

Unison was founded in 1959 and designed the patented to the DedTru® Centerless Grinding Fixture. During the 70's, Unison was one of the pioneers in the field of computer controlled grinding equipment. In fact, in 1976, we installed the first computer on a grinding machine which was the genesis of our TruFlute® line of equipment.

Our early experience with computer controls established a base of knowledge which evolved into our proprietary state-of-the-art computer control known as the Unison Programmable Controller (UPC). Today, the UPC is used in all our CNC machines together with our user friendly software with its real-time graphic three dimensional (3D) parts simulator. Unison continuously invests in research & development to discover new methods for solving grinding problems. Our efforts have resulted in the development of extremely accurate grinding machines which produce round parts, helical fluted tools, rotary files, burrs, end mills, ID/OD round and non-round profile tools.

Unison's blend of experience and manufacturing expertise enables us to provide product and services to meet the needs of today's challenging grinding market. Unison grinders produce tools, accurately and economically, part-after-part with our available on-board grinding wheel dressers and automatic parts loading/unloading mechanisms allowing customers to operate 24/7. Unison markets its products on a worldwide basis under both the TruFlute® and DedTru® tradenames with over 10,000 equipment installations serving the aerospace, medical, dental, automotive, off-highway, plastics, and petrochemical industries. 

Our CNC product line features the Model 1250 CNC Profile/Punch Grinder, the Model 688 CNC TruFlute, the Model 2150 CNC DedTru Centerless Grinding System, the Model 2200 CNC ID Grinder, the Model 2300 CNC TruCut End Gasher, the Model 2400 CNC Roughing Cutter Grinder, the Model 2500 CNC Punch Grinder, the Model 2600 CNC 5-Axis Tool Grinder/Re-Grinder, the Model 4000 CNC Super TruFlute with Hydrostatic Ways, the Model 8300 Flexible Grinding System and the Model 9100 5-Axis Pulverizer Blade Regrinder.  New Unison also offers our Models U-12 and U-20 general-purpose centerless grinders.

From our beginning as the developer of the DedTru Centerless Grinding Fixture to today, as a supplier of a complete line of standard and special grinding machines/systems, Unison Corporation has grown to meet our customers needs. Contact any member of our Marketing Department at 248-544-9500 or email us at sales@unisoncorp.com to obtain a quotation and/or spare parts.

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