Turn your Surfce Grinder Into a Centerless Grinder with a DedTru Grinding Unit.........

For over 50 years Unison DedTru Centerless Grinding Systems have been the mainstay for manufcturers who require high precision centerless grinding. They are designed to be used in high volume production, tool rooms or job shop applications and produce one-of-a-kind prototype parts in either small or large quantities. Operators do not need specialized skills to operate this equipment.

Installing a DedTru Centerless Grinding Fixture on a precision surface grinder creates a unique system capable of highly precise thrufeed, infeed, ID/OD plunge grinding of parts which need to be concentric from one diameter to another. DedTru Fixtures also perform infeed operations which require extremely precise roundness.

Our DedTru Centerless Grinding Fixtures are easy to use and requires only a fraction of the time usually needed to set-up a conventional centerless grinder.

Four DedTru models are available as shown below.
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The Model C Fixture is used for throughfeed, infeed and secondary operations and has a 4" wide regulating roll.
Model PGF (Plunge Grind Fixture) is used for infeed and secondary operations of parts which have multiple diameters, gears, splines, etc that require a relieved regulating roll, blade, etc. The Model PGF allows the operator easier access to the end of the part for ID grinding applications.
The Model C6 Fixture is built to handle longer parts and is used for throughfeed, infeed and secondary operations and is equipped with a 6" wide regulating roll.
The IGF Fixture (Internal Grind Fixture) is designed for applications which require grinding the ID of parts closely concentric to the OD. Since concentricity tolerance of 0.000050" to 0.0001" has always been difficult to maintain. Unison offers users a simple solution.
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